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Performance & Fitness Coaching

Kaio Coaching and Endurance Training has helped numerous people reach their fitness and racing goals. Runners, walkers and triathletes across the Southern Tier have joined the initiative to become part of our training team. We offer programs for anyone, whether your goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, improve your next Ironman Triathlon time, or to finish your first 5K or sprint triathlon. 


The programs we offer are led by experienced and professional coaches, side by side with the support of specialty experts that are both motivational and keep you accountable. There is a path for all athletes, no matter what your fitness level is, what pace you run, or what sport you do. The training is structured and provides guidance towards your goals. Let us help you make your dreams become a reality! 

running, learn, triathlon, tri, coaching

Get an online or in person training program that helps you meet your goals

  • Unique and personalized training program

  • Programs adapts and evolves as your training progresses

  • Daily guidance with your fitness and performance experts

  • Form analysis and coaching

  • Help with injury risk-reduction

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Kaio Coaching - LEARN TO RUN OR TRI

At Kaio Coaching, we offer a variety of coaching services, all developed to help you reach your goals.  Age, Sex, Sport, and Focus doesn't matter, we got you covered:

  • help learning to run - to get faster and prevent injury

  • transition to triathlon (from any of the three sports) to experience the fun

  • learn to accelerate and produce power for running & jumping

  • learn to compete during your games and competition

  • increase stamina and muscular endurance

  • help maintain ability and muscle mass as you age

  • off season training for your sport of choice!

  • become an efficient runner whether to race or for other sports

  • Football? Soccer? Basketball? Skiing? Fitness? Health? All Covered

  • ask us about getting help hitting your military/police test requirements!

Not only do we provide a wide range of possibilities for you, your friends, and your athletes, at Kaio, your membership gets more.  We're working with a network of medical and fitness experts!  Need nutrition advice? Not sure about a muscular tugging/aches?*  What about a workout you can do while traveling?  Ask one of our physical therapists, chiropractors, or fitness leaders!

​We can't wait to have you as part of our team!

Email jenna.jenks @ gmail with questions or interest, or just stop in to Confluence Running and ask about our coaching options!

*Questions for professionals are part of our experience.  Services from professionals may require additional costs.


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