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RUNGO | Running Course Bingo Virtual Race

Who loves BINGO?  We do!  RUNGO is a fun new challenge where instead of just logging miles and hoping for bling, you check off running your favorite race courses and earn GIFT CARDS, PRIZES, and help High School Athletes win scholarships!  Shake those Virtual Run blues with RUNGO!

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Total Prize Value: $150
 Each Row & Column Completed: $5 Confluence Running Gift Card ($50 Value)
4 Corners Completed 2-Hour Elliptigo Rental ($20 Value)
(X) Completed Running Form Training Session ($50 Value)
(+) Completed Running Multiuse Neck Gator ($10 Value)
Center Square $10 Donated to High School Athlete Scholarship Fund
Completed Card $10 off $75 of more online or in-store at Confluence Running

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RUNGO Hudson Valley Running Courses

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How do I get my RUNGO card?
Follow this link to download your RUNGO card. 

How do I submit my results?
Follow this link to Run Sign up.  Find your registration.  The results will ask for a time as well as a comment.  Put in the race course you complete in the comment section.  This result will show up in your RUNGO profile. 

When do I run?
Good news!  You can run when you prefer! Race courses will not be marked, so we recommend bringing your phone with you linked to the course map or bringing a print-out of the course map for the day when you are ready to run each course.  You may complete it fast or slow, but please beware of traffic and keep in mind what will best keep you safe as a runner.

Do I have to run the courses in any kind of order?
No there is no order expected, but we do recommend you consider which row or column (or x) you're trying to earn the swag from and complete each one in your RUNGO card as if you were trying to win at BINGO.  Finish all the runs to earn the maximum swag, but if you have certain swag that appeals more than others, you can aim specifically at earning that swag first!

My favorite race course isn't on the card - why not?
The number of spots on the bingo card is limited and we had to save some for the next round, so don't worry, you'll get your chance!

How do I find my card?
Once you sign up for RUNGO (click above on the "register" button), you will receive an email with a link to how to find your card.

Do I need to do anything special before I run one of the courses?
Nope, just bring your GPS watch (or another way of recording your time) and maybe some water/gels depending on the length of the run.

Why does it say "avoiding 201 on-ramp" on the Herald of Victory Marathon box?   What should I do instead?
The traditional Herald of Victory Marathon and Half course crosses route 201 by way of going up the on-ramp from the Vestal Parkway.  This is not at all safe for a pedestrian while traffic is not stopped for you, so we recommend crossing the parkway from Bunn Hill Rd by Denny's (safely, with the crossing signal), then continuing along Bunn Hill Rd to take a right on Old Vestal Rd.  Pass the first on ramp for 201 from Old Vestal Rd and turn left onto the second on-ramp (north bound).  This will allow you to continue across 201 safely on the sidewalk.  From there you can safely continue on the Marathon and Half Marathon courses.

Can I run these routes split into multiple runs?
Some of these race courses are a lot to take on in a day.  Most of us don't take on more than 10 miles in a day (many of us far less!), so a 26.2 mile course may feel a bit out of reach.  Good news!   You can split it into several runs so that it is more manageable bites.  Just make sure to add up your time to submit for your mileage.

I can't make it to all of these routes, now what?
There is no requirement to finish the entire card before you get swag.  That's part of the fun of RUNGO!  Finish one row or finish the entire card and you will get your fun swag for the effort!

How do I get my swag?
When you've finished a row (or the whole card!), email to get your swag sent to you when you're ready.