New Wave

New Wave Waterproof Phone Pouch


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New Wave 100% Waterproof Pouch - a tiny dry bag for your phone to protect it from snow, sand, dirt and dust. Perfect for the beach / swimming / boating / fishing!

Use it to protect your phone when exploring on the water. Your phone will be fully operational inside this little jacket of phone armor. Take pictures, read your swim workout, or play Sudoku by the pool or lake. You can even run your GPS software to allow your friends and family track the progress of your swim.

  • 100% Waterproof! Two locks to seal the pouch and keep your items dry and clean
  • Touchscreen responsive. Soft PVC material allows you to use your touchscreen and smartphone without opening the pouch. Check your emails, text messages, Facebook and even answer calls (Hi Mom!)
  • Bigger Space (will fit your iPhone 7 Plus), or you could put all your small items (cash, tissue, keys, watch) inside it
  • Made of high density PVC material, which not only ensures the waterproof ability but is also durable for your use

Pouch dimensions - 6.5 inches x 4.25 inches.

Tensile strength - 160 megaton. 

Depth pressure rating - 1 teacup.