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September 30th, 2018 - (CORNING, NY) – Brianna Deming (Webster, NY) shocked Corning today by qualifying for the USA Track and Field Olympic Trials in the Marathon.  Her unofficial time at the Guthrie Wineglass Marathon of 2:44:35 beats the Olympic qualifying standard of 2:45:00 by 25 seconds.  Team USA Runners must qualify for the trials between September 1st, 2018 - January 19th, 2020 which puts Brianna just inside the qualifying window. 
"I can't believe I just made the Olympic trials time."
-Brianna Deming
Confluence Running: First of all, congrats on your win.  How do you feel about today?
Brianna Deming: I trained the hardest I’ve ever trained in my life and I can’t believe I just made the Olympic trials time.  I really didn’t think I was going to be able to do it at the end, but I just held on for as long as possible.
CR: Is this your PR?
BD: Oh, Yeah!  By 11 minutes. 
CR: What was your training like?
BD: This segment was 13 weeks of training and I’ve run Rochester [Marathon] twice and I’ve run Boston twice.
CR: Have you ever done Wineglass before?
BD: No, this is my first time at Wineglass.
CR: What did you think about the course?
BD: It was really nice.  I like the downhills, it’s very scenic.  It was a good course.
CR: What did you think about the weather today?
BD: The rain is not that great but the temperature is perfect; not humid, and cool, so I didn’t overheat.
CR: What are you going to do now to celebrate?
BD: I think we’re going to get some of that finish line brew at liquid shoes brewing, go back to Webster and hang out with family and celebrate.
CR: What do you have next running-wise?
BD: Well next is probably going to be the Olympic trials.
CR: Can you talk about your training process a little bit?
BD: I hit a max of about 95 miles per week (mpw).  A long run and workout once a week.  A lot of early mornings and a lot of hard work. 
CR: Congratulations
BD: Thank you
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October 01, 2018 — Matthew Gawors

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