In-Person Heat Results Below
Heat 1 - 7:30am


Heat 2 - 8:00am


Heat 3 - 8:30am


Heat 4 - 9:00am


Heat 5 - 9:30am


Heat 6 - 10:00am
November 26, 2020 — Matthew Gawors


Donna said:

Was signed up for 10:30 then requested 9. Was told that whatever time I ran it didn’t matter because the start/end times would be tracked. Unfortunately I was unable to make the 9 and started with 9:30 wave. My results appear to have been inaccurately calculated with the 9 posting time.

Barbara Conklin said:

Sent an email previously to race site stating due to circumstances I was unable to attend the “in person” race. Requested to be able to do virtual on treadmill. Cannot post time.

Joseph Marchesano said:

I was scheduled for 8:30 and ran at 8:30 and my name is not in the results.

Kim Regensdorfer said:

I ran in the 8:30 heat, but my name is not listed (#141). My friend – Alison Echevarria is not listed either.
Great race & thanks for putting this on & doing so safely.

Jimmy Kennedy said:

was signed up for 9 but was told i could run at 8:30. results don’t show. Rich Robillard was told the same thing and his don’t show either.

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