Confluence Running ambasssador Shane Armstrong shares her story and experiences about running in the Military and oversees. Shane recently ran the John McKenna Memorial 5k and received an award for 2nd in her age group. See her inspirational story below. 
My name is Shane Armstrong and I ran my first 5K at 8 yrs old, encouraged by my father.  I have been running ever since, but between May 2003 and July 2004, running was not as accessible.  I was deployed to Iraq with the Army - so for safety reasons, the missions that needed to be done, and the extreme heat, we had to be careful about when and where to run.  I would run convoys in and around Baghdad every day, return, get in 3-4 miles of running with another lieutenant, shower and go to bed.  Finally towards the end of our deployment, a vendor from Qatar organized a 5K race for everyone at Baghdad International Airport, so people from all over the world and in different militaries participated.  It was a huge morale booster after being in there for 14 months and for the 2nd summer.  I missed my family and it was a father's day race, so I sent my 3rd place trophy to my dad.  That was 15 years ago and he has displayed the trophy ever since.  Running absolutely lifts spirits far and wide.
r/ Shane 

Shane Armstrong During the McKenna 5k 

Shane Armstrong Binghamton Runner

3rd Place Trophy at the Qatar 5k

quatar 5k trophy bagdad international airport fathers day race
qit quatar 5k trophy bagdad international airport fathers day race
April 20, 2019 — Matthew Gawors

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