Put on by the Binghamton University Master Swimmers (The BUMS) and hosted by Binghamton University, the NYS Master's Swimming Championship meet was attended by swimmers all over the nation.  The meet consisted of a three day competition with varying distances, divisions, and heats.  

President of the Binghamton University Master Swimming club, Steve Kristek, commented on the meets popularity.  "Two years ago we decided to host a three day Master's swim championship.  New York State hasn't had one in years, well over a decade, so we decided to give it a try.  It was very successful.  We had 140 participants.  This year we have 160 participants.  Looks like so far it's going well.  It's the first day.  Friday night we do distance events, and then regular events on Saturday and Sunday."

The BUMS practice at Binghamton University four days a week and work with the NCAA D1 Swimming & Diving team from Binghamton Athletics as well as the Health & Wellness Studies Department (HWS) from the Decker School of Nursing (DSON).  "It's all about adult fitness," Kristek says.

Interested individuals can find information about the Binghamton University Masters Swimming club at the Niagara Master's Swimming website.

Spectators can watch the last day of the meet all day Sunday April 7th at the West Gym at the Binghamton University Vestal Campus.

Pictures | Day 1 | Distance Events

April 07, 2019 — Matthew Gawors

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