Introduction to the Greater Binghamton Bridge Run

The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run, heralded

as the top running event in the Greater Binghamton area, continues to captivate participants with its scenic courses. This spring event, featuring a USATF-certified half marathon and a 5K, offers participants picturesque views of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers while they traverse four bridges and pass beneath another. The race is more than just a physical challenge; it's a community event that attracts runners of all levels, promoting health, perseverance, and camaraderie. More details about this exciting event can be found here.Marie Collins running in the Binghamton Bridge Run as part of the Binghamton University Running Club

Celebrating Our Champions: Race Winners

This year's half marathon was a thrilling race with Casey Ellis from Towanda, PA setting a new course record of 1:06:21, outpacing last year's record. On the women's side, Lily Shelly, representing Binghamton University, triumphed with an impressive time of 1:27:01. These top runners, along with the second and third place finishers, showed remarkable athleticism and determination.

The 5K was equally competitive. Tom Griffin of Binghamton, NY led the men with a swift time of 34:30.56, and Martine Kozyra from Horseheads, NY topped the women's leaderboard with a time of 1:32:48.87.

2024 Binghamton Bridge Run Highlights

Emphasizing Community: The Clubs in Force

The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run was not just about individual achievements; it was a display of vibrant club participation. Clubs from across the region came out in force, bringing energy and spirit to the race. Participants from clubs like Synergy Athletics, SONA Crossfit, and Binghamton University Running Club added a competitive yet supportive atmosphere to the event.

Running clubs offer more than just a chance to run; they provide a supportive community and a platform for personal growth and health. The camaraderie in these clubs boosts motivation, making every run more enjoyable and meaningful. Clubs offer structured training, social events, and the accountability that helps members stick to their fitness goals. Furthermore, being part of a running club opens up opportunities for discounts on races and gear, making running more accessible to everyone.  More information about running clubs below. 

The Fun and Challenge of Relays and the Double Bridge Run

This year's relay races brought an element of strategy and teamwork to the Bridge Run, with teams coordinating to maximize their strengths over the course. The event also challenged the stamina of participants with the Double Bridge Run, where runners took on both the half marathon and 5K in a single morning, testing their endurance and willpower.

Conclusion: A Day of Records, Running, and Community

The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run is more than just a race; it's a celebration of fitness, perseverance, and community. Each year, it brings together people from all walks of life to share in the joy of running, and this year was no exception. Whether participants were seasoned marathoners or first-time 5K runners, the event offered something for everyone, leaving everyone with memories of a challenge met and a day well-spent.

The Heartbeat of Binghamton: How Running Clubs Shape Our Community

1:50 Hour Pacer in the Binghamton Bridge Run as part of group running

In the heart of Binghamton, amidst the vibrant streets and along the scenic river trails, running clubs are not just about fitness—they're about community, camaraderie, and connection. The Greater Binghamton Bridge Run is a perfect showcase of how these clubs play a pivotal role in local health, wellness, and social interaction.

The Power of Participation

During the latest Binghamton Bridge Run, clubs like Synergy Athletics, SONA Crossfit, and Newbsanity, among others, demonstrated the strength and spirit of our community. With each step and every mile, members supported one another, cheering and pushing each other to reach new heights.

More Than Just Running

Running clubs in Binghamton provide much more than just a platform for physical exercise. They foster a sense of belonging and a network of support that can be transformative. For instance, the Triple Cities Runners Club combines the physical act of running with social interaction, making it easier for members to stick to their fitness goals and enjoy the journey.

Social and Recreational Aspects

Running clubs often extend their activities beyond the track. They organize social events, group workouts, and community engagements that make membership a richly rewarding experience. The Binghamton University Running Club, for example, not only hosts daily group runs but also participates in cross-country meets, fostering a tight-knit community of student athletes.

Community Impact

Running clubs also contribute significantly to local charities and community events. Members volunteer for causes, fundraise, and participate in community runs that enrich the local area. Clubs like the Confluence Racing Team and the Broome County Triathlon Club often spearhead or participate in events that bring the community together and promote health and wellness across different demographics.

Why Join a Running Club?

Joining a running club can revolutionize your running experience. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Community: You're instantly part of a family that shares your interests.
  • Motivation: Running with others can push you to perform better.
  • Diversity: Clubs often cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced runners.
  • Health Benefits: Regular group runs and structured training can significantly improve your physical health.
  • Social Benefits: Many clubs host social events, making your exercise routine more enjoyable.

Local Clubs Making a Global Impact

It's not just about running; it's about building a healthier, more connected community. Whether it's through participating in local events, hosting charity runs, or simply gathering for a group workout, these clubs make a tangible difference. For those looking to join, the variety of clubs in Binghamton offers something for everyone, from the serious athlete to the social runner.


As we look to the future, the role of running clubs in Binghamton is only set to grow. They are a cornerstone of not just the running community but the community at large, fostering connections that stretch beyond the finish line. So, lace up your shoes, join a club, and become part of something bigger. Your next run could lead to much more than just physical fitness—it could open the door to new friendships and a deeper connection with your community.

Featured Running Clubs and Their Athletes

  • SONA Crossfit

    • Kelly Jones, 28:01, Bib 2199
    • Allison Manning, Bib 2237, 27:59
  • Early Air Running Club

    • Tim Limer, Bib 323: 2:16:47.56
    • Bib 77: 2:17:10
  • Confluence Racing Team

    • Jim Schools, Bib 476: 2:02:20.36
    • Jakob Getchell, Bib 2144: 16:50
    • Lucas Baker, Bib 2020: 16:31
    • Peter Wall, Bib 2419: 17:40
  • #Maddiestrong

    • Mike Ramsden, Bib 445: 2:26:07
    • Eric Purdy: 2:32:10

This list highlights not only the diverse range of participants but also the substantial community involvement from various sectors, showcasing the broad appeal and supportive environment fostered by such events.


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