2023 Press Conference Parade Day Mile

Binghamton, NY

  • Alright. Well, we're very excited to be having we Belmar every day. Mile again. This Saturday is March. Fourth
  • Matthew Gawors: men's and Women's elite heats start at 1240 and 1,250, and the open race starts at 10'clock, right before the Saint Patrick's Day. So we have some elite athletes coming to Broom County
  • Matthew Gawors: this year, and really excited for them because they're competing for $1,300 in cash.
  • Matthew Gawors: There's a $500. First place prize for the top, male and top female, in the parade they mile, and for years it's it's been a very
  • Matthew Gawors: competitive field, and we have a really good one this year. So we wanted to announce a few of them that are that are coming.
  • Matthew Gawors: We have a few locals like Steve Esposito. He's from he's from Binghamton, and he's actually seated. He's gonna try to break 5 min at a 4 58 mile. We have. Then Snodgrass from Andicott. He is gonna be seated at 4 min and 35 s.
  • Matthew Gawors: That's a fast that's a fast mile.
  • Matthew Gawors: We have a couple of people actually coming in John Martino from Dallas, PA. He is actually seated at 5 min and 5 s, and
  • Matthew Gawors: Mike Mendor from Rome. PA is coming in, and he's gonna be trying to run 5 40. We have a few others that i'll go through. Brian Stewart is coming in, Patrick Milano. We had Alex craver, Eric to Harton, Zachary Green.
  • Matthew Gawors: Lewis as the Zito, Jared Ogden Girl, Walker, Kevin, time to queue, and and those are all the elite male athletes coming in this year for the for a day, but for the women's side
  • Matthew Gawors: we currently have 6 elite athletes who will be racing today or racing on Saturday. We do have 2 that are local, and we have
  • Matthew Gawors: Bronley from Binghamton. She is seated at 6 min and 20 s. We have Katie Stewart from a. We go at 6 min and 20 s as well, and then we have
  • Matthew Gawors: actually 4 who are traveling a bit. We have Jameson. That's from the New York. She is coming in. She is seated at 6 min, Alexi Bullock
  • Matthew Gawors: for Rochester, New York. She's seated at 5 min 5, 45 s, Mary Sheet, for Montrose.
  • Matthew Gawors: Pennsylvania, a little bit little bit more local there. And finally, we have Anna Shield from Hartford, Connecticut, who is actually seated at 4 min and 45 s. So that's gonna be. That's gonna be a fun field to watch in the in the women's side. So they're going to be competing for $1,300 in in prizes. There is a quarter mile premium where any any athlete who crosses the
  • Matthew Gawors: quarter mile on the sprints out and crosses that gets a $50 gift card, one for male, one for female, and so they don't have to win the mile they just have to in the first quarter mile. They do have to complete the mile.
  • and then there is a sockney prize. So there is. Yeah. So for the elite men's and women's, field first, second, and third place winners will receive a sophony a pair of soft Andy endorphin pro threes courtesy I believe they are $225 retail
  • Matthew Gawors: alright so a lot of cash and prizes that are being given out to the audience this year, and some a good competitive feel definitely a really good, competitive field so really excited for for seeing everyone out there on Saturday. Hopefully the weather holds up and
  • Matthew Gawors: we'll we'll see you. That yeah packet pick up is going on right now and tomorrow at conference, running here from 10 to 7 Pm. And Saturday. It'll be available at the Room County Public Library right outside from 1130 until 1230 sharp race starts packing up, and we will be ready to start the race at 1240 sharp.
  • Matthew Gawors: Any questions. Yeah, we're Just so we're sort of on Mile Yup. It starts right in front of the Room County Public Library, and then it finishes right in front of the Belmar. Okay? And then how many years is this? 3 for my ever going on? 8, 8, or 9 years They started in 2,000,
  • Matthew Gawors: 2,015. Okay? And then last year.
  • Matthew Gawors: 8 years, it is so good. And then my final question can register for the race. Take that that one. Yup. So today. International registration is $25. People can still register. They can still register on line@runssignup.com slash for a day, mile or the day of the registration goes up to $30, and you can register during that 1 h time frame rate before their race.
  • Matthew Gawors: There will be pine glasses. All registrants get the the official last year. Yeah, the initial. We also have shirts. That will be for sale for $20 as well as an extra. Take home token that wonderful bits. These are fun, fun designs.
  • Matthew Gawors: all my questions cool. Thank you. Thank you so much, Alexis, for us.
  • Matthew Gawors: You don't. I will. Yeah, I just want to. So you can. You can.
December 17, 2023 — Matthew Gawors