Confluence Running clearance event advertisement featuring Mizuno Wave Rider 27, highlighting the discount prices on models 24 through 27, set against a vibrant, comic-style background.

Big Savings Alert: Mizuno Wave Rider Series at Confluence Running

Great news for all running enthusiasts! Confluence Running is currently offering a fantastic clearance discount on the popular Mizuno Wave Rider series. Whether you're a seasoned marathoner or a casual jogger, now is the perfect time to upgrade your gear without breaking the bank. Customers can choose from several models: the Wave Rider 24 is available for just $69.88, the Wave Rider 25 for $77.88, the Wave Rider 26 for $89.88, and the latest model, the Wave Rider 27, is discounted to $114.88. Don't miss out on these incredible prices; check out the selection and snag a pair today!

A Wave Rider for Every Runner

With several models to choose from, Confluence Running ensures that every runner can find their perfect match. The Wave Rider 24 offers a classic feel at an unbeatable price, ideal for those who appreciate simplicity and efficiency. The Wave Rider 25, with its slight enhancements, provides a softer ride, perfect for those looking for a bit more comfort. For those needing a robust shoe with a bit more structure, the Wave Rider 26 steps up the game. And for runners seeking the latest technology and best fit, the Wave Rider 27 combines all of Mizuno's best features in a sleek, modern package.

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Technical Excellence in Design

Mizuno doesn't compromise on quality, and the technical specs of the Wave Rider series prove it. Each model features MIZUNO ENERZY foam, ensuring a soft yet resilient ride that enhances performance. The signature MIZUNO WAVE® plate distributes impact more broadly, offering a stable platform and superior cushioning, ideal for long runs. The X10 Outsole's durable carbon rubber allows for extensive wear, and the use of eco-friendly materials appeals to environmentally conscious runners. With a category designation of 'Neutral' and a heel drop of 12mm, these shoes are built for a variety of runners, all while maintaining a light weight of 8.8 oz for size 8. The Wave Rider 27, in particular, introduces a lighter, smooth stretch woven upper and a refined heel fit, setting a new standard in comfort and performance in the Mizuno lineup.

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