January 1st, 1:03pm : FitSpace, A Local Binghamton Gym

Your fingers are tingling with the visions of a futuristic you.  A future you with leaner, stronger legs, a more defined muscles, a healthier complexion, a spring in your step.  Today is the first day towards a healthier you.


“Make a plan but don’t be made by that plan” – David Malinowski


January 1st, 1:15pm : FitSpace

You walk into FitSpace and can feel the intense energy of everyone who is feverishly working towards their 2016 goals.  You can see their goals on each one of their faces.


“Lose 50 pounds” 

“Bench 210” 

“Tone my arms”


January 8th, 1:45pm : FitSpace

You are 35 minutes into your elliptical training.  Only 25 minutes to go.  Each minute seems to pass by dreadfully slow.  You watch as the seconds tick by, 35:21, 35:22, 35:23, 35:24.  The gym’s atmosphere doesn’t seem to have that electrified feel that drove your workouts in the first week.  You feel sluggish, your legs; heavy.  Your calves have been sore to the touch for three straight days and you have been having difficulty walking down the stairs. 


January 15th, 1:01pm : Fitspace

You look around in the 10,000 sq ft facility.  Many of the familiar faces you’ve seen over the past two weeks have disappeared.  You no longer need to fight for the lat pull-down, you no longer need to worry about staying on the cardio machines past the allotted times, you can get right onto the treadmill with no hesitation


But do you want to?



We must realize that behavior modification does not occur all at once.  It takes months of small consistent efforts to successfully bring lifestyle change to life.  Daily tasks, weekly efforts, and monthly visions should be all part of the plan to positively improve your physical, emotional, and spiritual life. 


All too often we see gyms packed in the first few weeks of the new year only to be deserted two weeks later.  Our motivation, our goals, and our golden visions become deflated by the bubble of energy that dissipates as more people fall off the wagon. 

Your New Year’s Resolutions Start Today.  Pick a simple task for your overall goal and vision. 

  •          Financial: Putting a quarter in a jar every day.
  •          Physical: Do 15 minutes more exercise every day this week than you accomplished last week. 
  •          Mental: Take 10 minutes out of your day to stimulate your mind, read 6 pages of a book.
  •          Emotional: Take 5 minutes to breathe and relax, just for you, whether it’s meditation or just truly taking the time to enjoy that morning coffee.

Take your time.  Goals and accomplishments do not occur all at once.  They are typed letter by letter.  They take step after step.  They accomplish one small task after another.                      

  “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  - Lao-Tzu



I challenge you to accomplish 1 small, minuscule task for 30 days.  That’s all.  The future is now.

December 30, 2019 — Matthew Gawors

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