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As a community-based running store, we like to get to know all of our customers, along with all of their achievements and goals. We also happen to have a really great team that helps make sure we do what we do best.  Upon reflection, in the midst of a morning group run, we had a thought, what if our customers got to know our team members like we got to know our customers?  So after a few cups of coffee and maybe a donut or two we sat down with a few of our team members and asked them some questions on important topics like how they got into running, pizza toppings, and their worst running story. Now we officially invite you to meet the Confluence Running Team, we tend to think they are pretty great! 

Chloe: General Manager, Hudson Valley

Chloe is currently the manager at  Confluence Running, Hudson Valley. She is originally from Saranac Lake, NY but had previously worked in our Binghamton location while attending Binghamton University before moving to Goshen to open up our newest location. When not in the shop you can find her running, trying to not get lost on her bike, hiking or visiting her friends and family. 

CR: How and why did you begin running?

Chloe: My parents used to put on a summer running series in Saranac Lake called the "Fun Run" so I did the kid's races growing up and continued to run to stay in shape for my other sports at the time (Soccer and Hockey) I really didn't start to love running until I began training for my first half-marathon, then I was hooked.

CR: What does a typical day look like for you and are you currently working on anything?

Chloe: This entire summer has been different as I have been adjusting to my "new normal" post-college. Typically I get up and go for a run/bike ride before eating breakfast and heading into work. After work, there is a good chance you can catch me getting tacos from El Rancho down the street or trying to catch a quick hike on a trail nearby. Then I do some homework  ( I am currently studying for CPT Exam in November)  then read and/or watch Netflix. 

CR: If you were a new edition to a crayon box what color would you be and why?

Chloe: Indecisive Teal because I can never decide if I like blue or green better...but green is better.

CR:Most memorable running moment?

Chloe: Finishing my first official half marathon- I was 18 finishing my senior year of high school, I was running long distance track at the time and then on the weekends I was slowly increasing my mileage so I could run a half. I had actually ran a practice half by myself 2 weeks before to make sure I could do the distance because I was so nervous that I would embarrass myself in front of my friends. I should have studied the course a bit more though because I thought the finish was at the top of the last hill but in reality I had to do one last jog around the olympic oval. I had sprinted up the hill so when I got to the top I ended up having to walk part of the last little bit but I still made it under my time goal!

CR:Tell us about one of your worst runs ever? You define what makes it "the worst"

Chloe Hmm a couple come to mind but recently I went running about an hour after eating... I honestly thought I was going to lose my lunch at any second. I  was on a rail trail with people around me so I really couldn't go I just kind of sucked it up and cut my run short. 

CR: Trails, Track or Road Races? What is your favorite distance and why?

Road Races- I hate the track, I get bored, tired and can never remember how many laps I have done. I think I would like trails but I don't have much experience on them and tend to roll my ankles a lot because I am easily distracted by how pretty everything is.

CR: You are going on a running vacation, What are the 3- 5 items you bring?

Chloe: My Tifosi Svago Sunglasses-So I can look cute on and of the run- duh

Brooks 5" chaser short- they are my favorite short, and I could even swim in them if I wanted.Saucony

Endorphin Shift- This shoe is my new favorite trainer- the endorphin pro has been getting all the attention but seriously this shoe is awesome.

CR: Who is your running idol?

Stephanie Bruce. She is a straight up GRITTY runner who never gives up and works her tail off. She has a super positive outlook and refuses to make excuses even when life and running gets tough. 

CR: What is your favorite movie/book?

Chloe: Movie: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- 1971 

Book: this is hard but for now I would say Life of Pi. It's the only book I have ever finished and immediately wanted to read again

CR: What do you like most about your job?

Chloe: I really like helping people. Whether that being setting them up in a new pair of shoes, finding a solution to their aches and pains, or recommending them to a local Personal Trainer, Physical Therapist or Training Group.

CR: What time of day do you like to run? 

Chloe: Morning (let's get after it)

CR:What is your favorite post-run meal?

Chloe: Eggs over easy with veggies and Breakfast potatoes

CR: What’s your go-to Pizza topping?

All the veggies-no cheese.

CR: What’s something you are looking forward to?

Chloe: Honestly I am looking forward to races happening again. I just want something to train for. I have never done a Marathon before so that has been on my mind a lot lately. 

October 20, 2020 — Chloe P

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