Where are you at with your running? Are you just starting out to try to lose some weight?  Just starting to train for your 30th marathon?  No matter who you are, everyone struggles with running at some point.  First timers and seasoned veterans alike struggle with the same thoughts:

“Ugh, do I really want to run today?” 

Everyone struggles at some point with feeling like they aren’t performing “like everyone else,” or worse - not like they used to. 

The important thing to know:
You are not in this alone.  

Greater Binghamton Airport BGM Runway Picture SunsetRyan Brizzolara at the Sunset Runway 5k at Binghamton Airport (BGM) 

I would like you to read this runner’s profile:

Currently 41 years old, she only began running at an age of 30. A couple years later she ran a strong personal best in the 5k.  From there, she podiumed & collected prize money at an 18 mile race.  She ran a few marathons and worked her way up to a solid Boston-qualifying time and a fast half-marathon, taking second in her age group.  A year after that, she completed a Half Ironman Triathlon.

This runner, let’s call her Jill,  started running later in life, she climbed to the top of the local women’s field where she “peaked” in 2016. 

Even with all these accomplishments, she struggles to find where she “fits in.”  Even more difficult for her is her current state.  Six months ago, Jill gave birth to her fourth child after a difficult pregnancy.  After months of rehab, Jill is pulling herself a little further each day.  She’s been participating in some 5k races, has increased her daily mileage (though she still is taking walking breaks), and continues to work on rehabbing her abs, losing the baby weight, and regaining strength that she lost.  It’s not where she wants to be, but she is not alone.
She finds her motivation in her new baby daughter and her older children.  She finds her motivation in the running data she gets from her Garmin watch.  She finds her motivation in the people that surround her, her team at local XC races, the fit athletes that she knows well as well as the daily runs that she goes on with her husband, baby, and dog.  It’s not easy but she will prevail and they are in this together, they are not alone.

Like Jill and so many others, you may find yourself in a position where your running isn’t ideal.  Maybe life got in the way.  Maybe you gained some weight, went through some stressful times, or got injured.  No matter where you are with your running, fast or slow, peak or climbing-back-out-of-a-performance-dip, the running community is one of the most inclusive communities in sport.  Find a club.  Find a group run and make some new running friends.  Find a 4-legged running partner.  Find yourself. 

You are not alone in your journey.


Author: Matthew Francis Gawors, Running Coach

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