Dale Of Norway | Vilja Jacket | Women's

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Occasionally Dale dives head-first into the fantastically rich archive (abundant with some jaw-dropping and even corny designs!). One of the last deep dives inspired Dale to make this fantastic big pattern jacket, a simultaneously fresh and retro piece of garment. The classic Norwegian eight-petal rose, the cross known from the Setesdal and Cortina pattern, the lice pattern, Norwegian-made pewter buttons, 100% wool, all merged into a tantalizingly fresh jacket. There is a note of both the 50s and the 60s in this jacket’s straight and short silhouette. The design elements are amplified, the colors are bold. The Vilja jacket is loud-and-proud. “Vilja” is a Nordic feminine given name meaning both “richness” and “grain”, but also “will”. The will to see things afresh. The will to pass on the very best of Dale's, and thus Norwegian, design history.

• 100% lightweight wool

• 27 micron

• Norwegian-made pewter buttons

• Neckline in skin soft merino 

• Machine wash using wool-cycle

Dale Of Norway | Vilja Jacket | Women's
Dale Of Norway | Vilja Jacket | Women's

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