This presentation is for all runners during the Wineglass Marathon Weekend. Come join us to learn more about running injuries at 7pm after the CEP group run at 6pm.

● Define running-related injuries

● Discuss common risk factors for injury

● Differentiate between "cause" and "correlate" in relation to injury

● Address the difficulty in accurately predicting and identifying why an injury occurs

● Practical solutions Q&A

Dr. Jason Tuori is an Ithaca, NY-based physical therapist at McCune & Murphy PT. He is an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and coaches strength training classes for runners through Peak Performance F.C. in Dryden, NY. As a USA Track & Field certified running coach, Dr. Tuori works with runners of all abilities through the spectrum of rehab to performance training.

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Most common Causes of Running Injuries