Alps and Meters | Ski Race Knit Patrol Sweater | Men's



The classic Ski Race Sweater has long identified an individual as a member of the racing class; those fast, adventurous souls with a spirit drawn to the mountains. As sharp in appearance as the edges on which they carved their turns, ski racers' form fitting clothes offered maximum comfort, and the opportunity for stylish, on-mountain self expression. Alps & Meters’ Ski Race Knit is fitted and protective, with elements of appropriate padding and ergonomic engineering, updated with the classic Patrol Cross.

Warm, Dry, and Protected: Heavy gauge 100% Lambswool knit provides warmth. Exterior water repellent yarns protect against snow and precipitation.

Maximum Utility: Patrol graphic inspired by alpine sport heritage

The Story

It was a frigid and snowy day in March 1938, when the race course for the National Slalom was devised on Mount Mansfield, Vermont USA. Taking stock of barren temperatures, 50 mile per hour winds, and limited visibility, Charles “Minnie” Dole, veteran of the storied 10th Mountain Division and organizer of the race at hand, came to recognize that matters of precaution and safety would be required to ensure that the day’s event did not end in injury for participants and spectators alike. Discussing matters with fellow race organizer, Roger Langley, at the top of the famed Nose Dive Trail the gentlemen conceived of the National Ski Patrol on the spot and thus forged a bond between racing and patrolling that has stood for almost 100 years.

In fact, having lit the spark that ignited the fire of the United States’ first formal cadre of trained patrollers, it was such that many legendary competitors of that 1938 race were among the National Ski Patrol’s earliest members including Dick Durrance who came to influence racing, patrolling, and resort development throughout the Rocky Mountains during the 40s and 50s.

In celebration of such unity, the Alps & Meters Ski Race Knit “Patrol” sweater combines the racer’s classic crewneck silhouette with the iconic uniform patrol cross, intertwining the stories, romance, and traditions of alpine sports founding fathers.