Coeur | Shield Triathlon Tank | Men's

$69.99 $94.99
By Coeur


Men's Shield Triathlon Tank

Coeur broke down all the complaints heard about men’s triathlon tops. Then they rebuilt one that is the fastest, most comfortable men’s triathlon tank on the market. Here’s why:

Chafing Elimination:

Coeur focused on traditionally high friction zones (the collarbone and underarm) and reshaped our pattern and seams to eliminate areas of dreaded chafing.

Aerodynamic Low-Profile Seams:

Coeur not only flatlock our panels but flatten our turnback seams to eliminate raised surfaces that cause chafing and drag.

Zipper Garage:

A zip at the front allows you to easily don the tank in T1 if you aren’t already wearing it, as well as giving yourself more breathing room on the run. But jagged metal on skin isn’t typically a great feel. So Couer backed the tank zipper with a garage and flap to protect your chest skin from any rubbing.

Boom, no more screaming in the shower.

Fit & Fabric:

Super stretchy while still compressive sounds like an oxymoron but Coeur sourced the best performing fabric and shaped it into a second skin for you. This top will feel like your Batsuit breastplate. It is vented and crazy lightweight. Fly on, gents.

Fit Note:

Fits True To Size. All cuts are meant to be snug and fit like a second skin