Dale of Norway | History Sweater | Unisex | Navy



A playful sweater made of 100% fine Norwegian wool from the sheep’s very first shearing. The short fibers make the yarn fine and soft, giving us a light, warm and comfortable sweater. For extra comfort, the neck is lined with soft merino wool.

Ever since 1956 we have made official Olympic team sweaters for the National Norwegian Cross-Country ski team. This sweater is a tribute to our Norwegian Olympic history, with a pattern based on all our 18 official team sweaters. 

This unisex garment is made with measurements corresponding our men’s sizes. For women’s sizes we recommend selecting one size smaller than your usual size.   

  • 100% Norwegian Wool
  • Neckline in skin soft Merino Wool
  • Regular Fit
  • Mid layer, regular knit
  • Quarter-zip, medium high neck
  • 3-ply, 10 gauge
  • Weight: 720g (Size M)
  • Designed and knitted in Norway
  • Machine wash

About the Wool

Heron - Fine Norwegian Wool

Made from 100% fine Norwegian wool from the sheep’s very first shearing. The fibers are short, giving us a finer and softer yarn. The outcome is thin, light and soft garments, while maintaining the brilliance, crimp and longevity for which Norwegian wool is world renowned.

Norwegian wool is one of the world’s most animal-friendly textile fibers, due to the sheep’s natural mountain life. Our Norwegian wool comes from sheep known for roaming freely in the vast Norwegian hillsides while grazing in natural pastures.

To make it machine washable the Heron yarn undergoes a revolutionary new wool treatment using natural non-toxic salts. Machine wash using wool-cycle. (Fiber diameter: 30.5 micron)