Oiselle | Roll with it Bird Hug Tights

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"What if we could have tights without the waistband squeeze, and the ability to customize the rise?" That's the question the O design team asked, and these tights are the answer. First, they're in our beloved Bird Hug fabric, known for its unparalleled softness. But it's the waistband that's truly novel. With no elastic, and an extra high panel/rise that can be left high, or can be rolled down to any height desired. Though these might not be be your go-fast tights, the soft compression keeps it all in place for most of life's adventures, both indoor and out. Plus reversible! Two times the fun.

- bird hug reversible fabric (polyester / spandex)
- high waist with roll over waistband
- reversible design
- 25.5" inseam (size 4)

Oiselle | Roll with it Bird Hug Tights
Oiselle | Roll with it Bird Hug Tights