Pro-Tec| EVA Bold Calf Stretcher


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Premium EVA Foam 6 inch width x 3 inch Diameter x12 inch length. This calf stretcher is designed to stretch the muscles in the calf, Achilles and the arch of the foot. Great for use before and after physical activity to prevent muscle soreness.

The foam roller is designed with premium EVA memory foam that is long-lasting and will keep its shape. The surface of the roller is textured to prevent slipping.

Unlike traditional foam, EVA foam is designed to prevent germ and bacterial spread or growth. The closed-cell design allows for easy cleaning!

Foam Roller Features:

  • Half foam roller measuring 6x12
  • Designed with EVA foam that is easy to clean
  • Helps to stretch the arch of the foot, achilles and calf
  • Intended to prevent muscle soreness due to strenuous physical activity
  • Green and blue swirl coloring is bright and fun