You are cordially invited to Confluence Running's 1 year anniversary weekend
CORNING, NY, APRIL 28th - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Confluence Running's Corning location. In this release Confluence Running highlights:
Message from the Company's General Manager
Dynamic Footwear Science
Plans for the future
Jenna Jenks, General Manager of Confluence Running, talks about her experience over the past year with Corning's community.
"The Corning community and its residents have supported the retail shop with incredible excitement. This has allowed us to provide the community with support in the form of expert knowledge, prices that match online shopping, and event sponsorships. We could not have gotten here without the community believing in us and our mission to support the community through what we do."
Confluence Running has had some proud achievements over the past year. This includes helping provide the running community with improved knowledge about fitness, exercise, and how to customize their product choices to their fitness needs. The company strives to formally and informally educate all of it's employees in how fitness products effect the biomechanics and health of customers. All employees go through a 20 hour one on one course in Dynamic Footwear Science before they are allowed to work on the sales floor. Dynamic Footwear Science explains how different styles of footwear effect the internal and external rotation of the ankle, knees, and hips thus helping to keep the body properly aligned for not only exercise, but daily activities as well.
Confluence Running has also been the host of many events, and fundraisers for several non-profit organizations over the past year. The company hopes to continue providing in-kind sponsorships to any community organization looking for support. This includes supporting other small and large businesses in their Corporate Wellness developments and goals. It's the mission of the company to spread improved physical, mental, and financial health.
Additional in-person interviews may be scheduled with company executives at the Binghamton office.
About Confluence Running
Confluence Running is a running specialty company that prides itself on its mission to improve the physical, mental, and financial health of our communities through dynamic footwear science, health & wellness education, & tourism based events. Confluence Running, Corning is located at 32 W Market Street in Corning.
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Matthew Francis Gawors
May 18, 2019 — Matthew Gawors