What to Wear in the Summer Heat
When it comes to working out in both the summer and winter months the gear we choose depending on the weather can make or break a workout. In this post, I am sharing what I choose to wear during the summer from 55 degrees and higher to keep myself cool and keep moving forward. Whatever you choose you should be comfortable in and these are just my recommendations on what I would choose. Last but not least I know not everyone is comfortable wearing tank tops, sports bras, or even shorts. I believe everybody is a sports bra body and thinks it is perfectly acceptable to run shirtless in the summer (men do it all the time). This could easily turn into a debate. so I am just going to leave it at whatever you choose is your decision and I personally would rather stay cool than overheat. 
Before I begin here are some extra considerations on running in the summer
  • When working out hard (Think track workouts, speed work, the really HARD days) dress as if its 5 degrees hotter (if its 75 dress like its 80) When running hard you are going to overheat much faster than if you were on an easy run 
  • Sometimes you have to choose between heat and the humidity, personally I prefer to get up early and tackle the humidity before the sun starts to really beat down but that is going to a personal choice
  • Sunglasses help protect your eyes from the bright sun! GOODR and Tifosi make a huge line of cute and relatively cheap sunglasses that don’t slip or bounce!
  • HYDRATION- when I used to go to summer camps as a kid the joke was “Hydrate or “Die-drate” Seriously you need to make sure you are taking in enough fluids and replenishing electrolytes. When it is hot we sweat more than in cooler temperatures and we lose a lot of water! On longer and harder runs think about carrying water with you. My pick is the Nathan Speed Draw Plus its simple and you don’t have to continuously grip it when you run. 
  • GPS Watch: Many of the GPS watches we sell include an HR monitor. By having an HR monitor you have a better way to gauge your workout and know when you might be overheating. (GPS Watches)
55 degrees   
60 degrees   
65 degrees   

70 degrees


75 degrees

80+ degrees 

Please be careful once you get to this level of heat. I would really advise trying to avoid this temperature as much as possible, wake up early and run before the sun is fully up. This is where things can get dangerous and you can overheat easily. When running in this temperature expect your run to feel worse than it normally would and know you may have to back off a little bit to compensate. 
July 10, 2020 — Chloe P

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