Spring Training Programs

$129.99 $470.99


Learn how to train for a 5k or half-marathon for the Greater Binghamto Bridge RunHerald of Victory Marathon or other spring race... or give the gift of training!

Our certified coach - Harry J. Back - will help you find your sweet spot for training for your 5k, half-marathon, or full marathon!  This is a great answer for anyone who is running their first race, their first time at this distance, OR just want to kick things up a notch and hit that elusive PR goal.  

Or kick it up a notch and do the Herald of Victory Marathon or half marathon as well for the double-half option!

How do I know what to pick?

  • Bridge Run 5k program - this is the program to choose if you're just starting running and want to run your first 5k OR if you're looking to hit that PR at the 5k distance.
  • Bridge Run half-marathon program -  choose this if you're looking to extend your running to the half-marathon, or already signed up for the Bridge Run half-marathon.
  • Double Half program - choose this program if you're looking to get that PR at the half-marathon or just looking to challenge yourself to running both the Bridge Run and Herald of Victory Marathon half marathons!
  • Herald of Victory half marathon program - choose this one if you're already signed up for the Herald of Victory half marathon (or consider doing both the Herald of Victory AND the Bridge Run for the double-half option), or if you're looking to PR but don't want to run two spring long races.
  • Herald of Victory FULL marathon - choose this if you've already signed yourself up for the Herald of Victory Marathon or want to take your training to the next level and tackle or PR in a full marathon.  Bridge Run Half Marathon training included.

Meeting time is 5:00 pm on Sundays at Confluence Running, starting January 8th. 

  • 16 or 20 weeks of Personalized Coaching
  • 5 bonus clinics on topics ranging from injury-prevention and yoga to ideal nutrition
  • weekly coaching check-ins every Sunday at 5
  • unique and customized training schedule to fit your needs
  • Confluence Running shirt
  • individualized running form analysis
  • positive support, coaching and a fun group to keep you motivated
  • discounts at Confluence Running
  • optional group runs 
  • optional course preview group runs