Dale of Norway | Falun Mittens | Unisex


Water repellent merino wool mittens adorned with the enlarged pattern from our Falun and Falun Heron sweater. Made with 100% skin soft merino wool.
  • Unisex / One size
  • Regular knit
  • Water repellent
  • 100% skin soft merino wool (Zefir nano 20.5 micron)
  • Designed and knitted in Norway
  • Machine wash using wool-cycle

About the Wool

  • Zefir - Skinsoft Merino wool.
  • Our superwash merino wool is one of the finest wool qualities available.

Coming from merino sheep living in a warm climate, merino has very fine and long staple fibers, giving a very smooth next-to-skin comfort. Naturally, our wool is mulesing-free. Garments knitted with Zefir can be machine washed using wool-cycle. (Fiber diameter: 20.5 micron)


Pattern details taken from our official 1993 Falun Cross Country Ski World Championships sweater are stylized and amplified. The design is inspired by times when modern technology made big patterns possible. These mittens share their design with our Falun alpaca/wool sweater and our Falun Norwegian wool sweater.