ElliptiGO | Long Stride Elliptical Bike


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The ElliptiGO 3C is our entry-level, long-stride model. With three gears to choose from, the 3C is perfect for anyone who wants to get a great cardio workout on flat terrain or gently rolling hills. You can enjoy a comfortable cruising experience or push the pace to reach speeds up to 25 mph. Like all of our long-stride bikes, the 3C’s adjustable stride length and handlebar height enable you to get into the perfect position to experience a natural, running-like feeling. 

The ElliptiGO 8C is the most popular elliptical bike in the world for one reason – it’s the perfect combination of price and performance. With a long stride length, running-like motion and wide gear range, the 8C is the elliptical bike of choice for everyone from professional athletes to fitness enthusiasts to recreational riders. Whether you are looking to hammer a short interval workout, ride a century or cruise the neighborhood for fun, the 8C will deliver the experience you’re seeking. 

For the ultimate in elliptical cycling performance, choose the ElliptiGO 11R. With carbon-fiber drive arms and 11 gears, the 11R is the lightest, smoothest and most versatile long-stride elliptical bike in the world. Whether you are tackling an epic endurance ride or hammering through a speed session, the 11R delivers the power and performance you need to succeed. 

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