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Introducing OpenRun Pro, Shokz's most premium headphones ever. Redefine your open-ear listening experience with enhanced tech and premium features. These state-of-the-art sport headphones boast the latest 9th generation bone conduction technology, enriched with two additional bass enhancers for unparalleled sound quality. Enjoy Shokz's signature situational awareness and comfortable open-ear fit for an immersive yet aware listening experience.

Size Guide

  • Premium Sound Quality with Enhanced Bass
  • 9th Generation Bone Conduction Technology
  • 10 Hours of Music & Calls + Quick Charge
  • IP55 Water Resistant

Open Ear ComfortFeaturing a 20% smaller size than previous models for your best fit yet while still featuring our signature open-ear design and delivering all-day comfort. Crush your training goals and stay aware of traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, and more with OpenRun Pro.

Enjoy Enhanced Bass With Incredible Depth Experience best-in-class audio delivered through your cheekbone, powered by 9th generation bone conduction technology, Shokz TurboPitch™ Technology. Two added bass enhancers allow you to experience every note, beat and chorus of your favorite audio, resulting in premium sound quality.

10-Hour Battery Life Quick Charge - 10 hours of music and calls to keep you powered up through two-a-days or long training sessions. OpenRun Pro also features a 5-minute Quick Charge for up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

IP55 Water-ResistantAn IP55 rating that weathers dust and moisture, so they are durable enough to withstand rainy runs, sweaty rides, or other gritty conditions.

Dual Noise-Canceling MicrophoneTake a call no matter where you’re working out. OpenRun Pro are equipped with a dual noise-canceling microphone for crystal-clear calls on both ends.