The Binghamton University Running Club Banana Relays took off this weekend.  This Track & Field meet consists of traditional races such as the 5000m, 800, & 200m Dash.  This meet also consists of quirky non-traditional events like a field event called a "Plank Off" or the 4x200 Banana Relay.

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Because of the quirkyness of this college track & field meet, the dynamic brings out the quirkyness in all the participants and athletes.  As an example, Spiderman made an appearance at the Binghamton University Running Club Banana Relays in the 800m race.  Spiderman not only made an appearance, but also won his heat.  

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Spiderman's name was Danny Peterson and won his 800m heat with a time of 2:20.  At the BU Running Club Banana Relays, it's not enough to just win, but to win epically.

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See more pictures from the meet

Spiderman wins 800m Dash @ Binghamton University Running Club Track Meet


Gigi Boudreaux said:

Where are the rest of the pictures?! Great meet! :)

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