At 8:30 this morning, 29 students started their end of the year triathlon.  They completed a 500yd swim in the West Gym pool, a 10mi Spin-Bike, and 2.7mi out and back run around campus.  Students started off in heats (or waves) of 10.  Wave 1 began at 8:30, Wave 2 at 9:10, and Wave 3 at 9:50.  

Binghamton Triathlon Students getting Marked before race

Athletes are marked with their race numbers

HWS 220, or Triathlon Training is a 4-Credit Course offered in the Department of Health & Wellness Studies (HWS) at Binghamton University.  HWS is part of the Decker School of Nursing & Health Sciences.  

Binghamton Triathlon Students ride in the spin bike room

Students ride on the Spin Bikes

During the in-class race, volunteers helped tremendously with timing and organizing the event.  Lifeguards managed the safety of the pool area while the Teaching Assistants of the class managed recording all the athlete's times.  The organizers had to be careful not to start swim waves too early or else they risked having athletes overlap and  would need to wait for their spin bike, adding to their time.  

Jack Murphy Wins Binghamton University Triathlon

Jack Murphy holding his untied shoe victoriously

After the swim & the bike ride, athletes completed the 2.7 mile run course around campus finishing in the parking lot behind the West Gym & Events Center.  Jack Murphy won the overall triathlon in a time of 46:02 while almost losing his untied shoe in the process. 

Binghamton University students bond in health & wellness studies classes

Wave 1 & 2 Finishers of the Triathlon

While students were competitive with each other, they also created strong bonds within the class.  Students elevated each other higher by helping motivate and keep each other accountable throughout the semester.  Even past students from the early years of the class chimed in on the Go-Pro Facebook Live Streaming Part 1 (part 2) of the Triathlon, sharing their nostalgic stories about the class.

Follow this link to see more about the Department of Health & Wellness Studies.

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