How to Kill it on Social Media for the Run Specialty Industry

How to Kill it on Social Media for Run Specialty Stores

This comprehensive guide on leveraging social media for run specialty stores, based on insights from Kristin Chen, Marketing Manager for Confluence Running, and CEO Matt Gawors, outlines essential strategies for creating engaging content. It emphasizes the importance of adhering to brand guidelines, understanding your target audience, and utilizing effective photo techniques such as optimal lighting and location scouting. The guide also highlights various content styles, from educational and inspirational to community-focused, and underscores the value of staff picks, giveaways, and professional graphic design. Each store's designated social media point person plays a crucial role in maintaining a dynamic online presence by consistently contributing fresh content, ensuring that the store remains a valuable resource and active community member.
Traditional Benefits & Perks at Confluence Running

Traditional Benefits & Perks at Confluence Running

Confluence Running offers a comprehensive benefits package to its employees. The traditional benefits include 50% employer-paid health insurance, dental and vision insurance starting from July 2024, a 401k program with a 1% employer match, and a fixed salary of $40,000 per year for manager-level positions. Full-time employees also enjoy 40 hours of Paid Time Off (PTO) initially, which increases over time, along with four paid holidays and a tuition reimbursement of up to $150 annually for educational purposes. Additional earning opportunities are available through various company incentives. Furthermore, employees benefit from free products, a 40% discount on all products, complimentary entries to company-sponsored events and races, free use of a company AirBnB in Lake Placid, contributions towards athletic club memberships, and support for professional development and travel.
April 24, 2024 — Matthew Gawors
Sports Nutrition For Endurance Athletes_Gu Roctane vs Huma Plus, which one is best to use

Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes | The Ultimate Comprehensive Review

At Confluence Running, Brynne Ketchum, a Master’s student from Canisius University and future dietician, delivered a comprehensive seminar on sports nutrition tailored for endurance athletes. She covered a range of topics, from the importance of a balanced diet consisting of macronutrients—carbohydrates, proteins, and fats—to the specific needs for pre-run fueling, highlighting the importance of consuming high-carb and moderate-protein foods to maximize energy and performance. Brynne also provided practical advice on meal preparation and the right timing for food intake to ensure it sits well during exercise.


Runner showing there are even more ways to customize your run with Natthon Water Bottle, Camalback, Tifosi / Goodr Sunglasses, and a Garmin Watch

What are your business' goals and objectives for 2025? Start planning now!

In the realm of business, setting clear and achievable objectives is fundamental to navigating the path towards long-term success. This article delves into the critical importance of defining business objectives, illustrating how they serve as guiding metrics aligned with an organization's mission and values. Through a detailed examination of Confluence Running's meticulous approach to setting and achieving their business objectives, spanning financial metrics to customer-centric initiatives, readers gain insights into crafting effective strategies tailored to their company's unique needs. By emphasizing measurable, specific, and time-bound objectives, businesses can steer their operations towards sustainable growth and market resilience, ensuring they remain agile and competitive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Swiftwick Sock Training 3/20/24 | Full Transcript

SWIFTWICK SOCKS Running Store Training Transcript   Automatically transcribed from Confluence Running Employee Monthly Professional Development Meeting: 3/21/2024, 2:21:26 PM Total recording length: 01:24:50   { 2:08 } Hey there....
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors

Unveiling the Swiftwick Sock Training Series: Exploring the Aspire and Maxis Sock Models

Discover the Swiftwick Aspire and Maxis socks in this Confluence Running exclusive blog post. The Aspire offers lightweight breathability and firm compression for peak performance during summer runs or on the track, while the Maxis provides maximum cushioning and protection with an eco-friendly twist, making both socks essential additions to any runner's gear arsenal. Explore the innovative features of Swiftwick socks and elevate your running experience today!
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors

Part 3: Enhancing the Customer Experience with Swiftwick's Off the Wall Program

Confluence Running employees share insights from their experiences with Swiftwick's Off the Wall program, emphasizing the importance of personal experience in building trust with customers and navigating resistance by educating them on the technical features and benefits of Swiftwick socks. They highlight the need to tailor approaches to fit individual customer preferences, seamlessly integrate socks into the fitting process, and embrace continuous learning to maximize the program's effectiveness in enhancing the customer experience. Overall, the program empowers employees to deliver exceptional service and drive success with Swiftwick socks.
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors

Part 2: Learning from Failure: Swiftwick Sock Program Reflections

Part 2 of the Swiftwick Sock Off the Wall program discussion delves into employees' experiences, both failures, and successes. Speakers openly share anecdotes of challenges faced while promoting the program, offering insights on overcoming obstacles and tailoring approaches to individual customer preferences. The dialogue emphasizes the importance of learning from mistakes, building confidence, and celebrating progress as the team continues to refine their strategies for enhancing the customer experience.
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors

Part 1: Introducing the Swiftwick Sock Off the Wall Program: A Game-Changer for Confluence Running

The blog post introduces the Swiftwick Sock Off the Wall program recently implemented at Confluence Running. It highlights experiences, successes, and challenges shared by employees as they adapt to the new program. Despite initial difficulties, the team is encouraged by positive customer responses and the program's potential to enhance the store's sock offerings and customer experience.
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors

Exploring Swiftwick Sock Technology: Flight XT and Merino Models

Discover the pinnacle of sock technology with Swiftwick's Flight XT and Merino models, highlighted in a comprehensive training session for Confluence Running employees. Flight XT's innovative ankle lock feature and grip yarn technology enhance stability and grip during dynamic movements, making it ideal for running, CrossFit, and even pickleball. Meanwhile, Flight XT Trail, crafted with Merino wool, offers unparalleled comfort and versatility, ensuring optimal performance across diverse activities.
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors

Swiftwick Socks Training: Elevating Your Running Store

In our recent training session with Jason from Swiftwick, we gained insights into the brand's commitment to quality and innovation, with all socks proudly made in the USA. Swiftwick's emphasis on compression features and moisture-wicking Olefin fibers ensures unparalleled comfort and performance for athletes. With our newfound knowledge, Confluence Running employees are poised to provide exceptional service and guidance, reinforcing our dedication to supporting local businesses and delivering top-tier products to our customers.
March 21, 2024 — Matthew Gawors