Seamless Stride: An Indoor Triathlon Spectacle from the Binghamton University Indoor Triathlon HWS 220 Triathlon Training Class

Binghamton University's HWS Triathlon Training Class Celebrates Semester-End Achievements

The Binghamton University Health & Wellness Studies program in the Decker School of Health Sciences concluded its semester with an impressive triathlon event, where students showcased their skills in swimming, cycling, and running. This 4-credit course not only focused on physical training but also integrated comprehensive academic discussions on anatomy, nutrition, and lifestyle management, culminating in standout performances such as Benjamin's remarkable overall time of 1:10:27 and Jessica's swift run at 8:48 per mile. The event emphasized personal growth, teamwork, and the development of leadership skills, highlighting the program's commitment to producing well-rounded individuals prepared for life's diverse challenges.
Binghamton University Triathlon HWS 220 Spring 2022 Health & Wellness Studies

Results | Triathlon Spring 2022 | Binghamton University | HWS 220

HWS 220 Triathlon Results
Binghamton University Health & Wellness Studies Holds Class Triathlon

Binghamton University Health & Wellness Studies Holds Class Triathlon

While students were competitive with each other, they also created strong bonds within the class.  Students elevated each other higher by helping motivate and keep each other accountable throughout the semester.  Even past students from the early years of the class chimed in on the Go-Pro Facebook Live Streaming (part 2) of the Triathlon, all sharing nostalgic stories about the class.