Kelly LaBare 5k Race - John Salva Wins

Kelly LaBare 5k Race - John Salva Wins

Lucas Sutton still holding strong upfront, number 185.

John Salva and Noah Fairly looking real comfortable right on his heels.

Vince Petrino and Mike Kent behind looking real great.

Mike’s had a great year so far.  Vince had a nice run at the Montrose, the 10000m and [10K] 4th of July.

A little far back here to see what's going on with the women's field but we'll find out in time.

Right around half a mile here.  Doesn't appear to be as robust of a field as it has been in past years but still a good time nonetheless.  The bunch of great local guys here grinding it out.  

August 10, 2018 — Matthew Gawors