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ASICS has a self-defense program, RunSafer, to build confidence and skills for athletes to protect themselves in the unlikely event that they encounter a bully or assailant while running. Not only will RunSafer turn you into a pro fighter, but it will give runners self-defense tools to become safer, stronger and faster.

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National Running Safety Month - How to protect yourself

5 Runsafer Techniques to keep yourself safe while running

Run Safer Asics Safety Tip #5 – Fighting off an attacker from behind

The first thing that you need to do if someone comes up from behind and grabs you by the neck is protect your neck. Utilize your fingernails, use your teeth. Anything you can to create space from that attacker’s arm into the neck area. The second thing you want to do is drop down into your base. You’re going to use your elbow to hit the groin area, the diaphragm, into the throat, into the head. The second weapon you can use is the back of your head. If the attacker is close, you can lean forward, then bring it back into his facial area. When this happens, hopefully you’ll have time to break that grip, and get back in the safety zone. 

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July 13, 2020 — Matthew Gawors

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