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ASICS has a self-defense program, RunSafer, to build confidence and skills for athletes to protect themselves in the unlikely event that they encounter a bully or assailant while running. Not only will RunSafer turn you into a pro fighter, but it will give runners self-defense tools to become safer, stronger and faster.

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National Running Safety Month - How to protect yourself

5 Runsafer Techniques to keep yourself safe while running

Run Safer Asics Safety Tip #1 – Grip Breaking

Escaping a Wrist Grip

Break someone’s grip if they are trying to control your wrist. Welcome to the Runsafer Asics safety tip.  Today we are going to be covering grip breaking.  If an attacker tries to grab you and control you by the wrist I’m going to show you a few simple techniques that you can do to break free and get back to safety.

For example, if you’re walking back to  your car after a workout. Somebody approaches you and they try to grab you by the wrist to try to control you.  What I’m going to show is a simple technique, where you can get away and buy yourself time.

So the move is going to consist of you dropping back in your base and playing tug of war and really frustrating that person that’s trying to attack you.  Number two, your going to move your hand away from that grip and you’re going to pull back to release the grip.  When that happens, of course you’re going to put your running shoes on and you’re going to be running away to build yourself space and get back into that safety zone.

Performed by Todd Williams – Jiu Jitsu Black Belt & 1992/1996 Olympian

By Asics and Women’s Running

July 13, 2020 — Matthew Gawors

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