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Be Safe. Be Together.

ASICS has a self-defense program, RunSafer, to build confidence and skills for athletes to protect themselves in the unlikely event that they encounter a bully or assailant while running. Not only will RunSafer turn you into a pro fighter, but it will give runners self-defense tools to become safer, stronger and faster.

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National Running Safety Month - How to protect yourself

5 Runsafer Techniques to keep yourself safe while running

Run Safer Asics Safety Tip #3 – How to Fall if you’re pushed

It’s extremely important to know how to fall when you hit the ground so you don’t get knocked out, or break an elbow. You’ve always got to be able to utilize anything you can as a weapon. The first movement when you fall when someone pushes you, is you want to tuck your chin as deep as you can towards your chest. The second thing you’re going to want to do when you hit the ground is high-five the ground. That way it takes the impact away from your elbow, so you don’t break your arm, so you can have those tools available. So you can use your hands, elbows, and everything you can to keep you safe, and get back into that safety zone. 

July 13, 2020 — Matthew Gawors

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